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22 / Sep

Imation Appoints Redington As ND

 The exclusive licensee of a recording media brand TDK Life on Record, Imation has signed up Redington as its national distributor.


Redington India will sell both Imation and TDK Life on Record products—which include optical storage products like CD-R, CD-RW and DVD, external hard disk drives, flash drives and flash cards, accessories like mouse and headsets, and tape products.


“Apart from metros and big cities, the demand from B and C class cities is on an incessant swell. The rapid development these cities have been witnessing lately has had an impact on their technology awareness, education, adoption and usage levels. Since Redington has its presence in all market territories, this tie-up shall be of help as far as our distribution and channel objectives are concerned. We expect service support and supply chain management facilities from our national distributor and Redington India qualifies well on both these aspects,” said Kiran S Nair, Country Leader, Imation India.


“With our solution centric approach, we are determined to further Imation’s reach in the channel and market. For us, it shall be a diversification of our product portfolio for the channel community as well,” said JK Senapati, Head SBU, Redington India. Redington has a network of over 18,700 channel partners.


Brian J Plummer, Vice President, South Asia, Imation Corporation, said, “Expanding the channel partner base and further strengthening the network is one of our key agendas this year. We are eager to work with a national distributor that brings not just domain expertise but also a pan-India footprint.”

Source:CRN Network